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MOTD Proton Gaming // Infinity Evolved | 1.7.10 Visit us online at protongaming.co.uk!
Server Version thermos,cauldron,craftbukkit,mcpc,kcauldron,fml,forge 1.7.10


Welcome to PGN. Our Infinity Evolved server hosts an exciting selection of over 150 mods, enjoyed by an active and friendly community - and the dedicated staff team is always on hand to help. With this much to do, the only limit is your imagination. Become a part of something great.

Key features:
- RFTools Dimensions
- Anti Grief
- Time-based ranks and perks
- Relatively stable economy

The server is PvE, but a PvP arena (the Colosseum) is available at spawn if you need to hit someone really bad. We get it.

Our Rules:
[1] No hacked clients or malicious mods
[2] Don’t exploit bugs/glitches, please report them
[3] Be respectful to all players, no matter their rank
[4] Don't advertise, spam, beg, whine, panhandle or disturb chat
[5] Don't circumvent safe zones, such as the mining world
[6] Don't unfairly PVP (e.g. tp-killing, logging etc.)
[7] No griefing/stealing UNLESS UNCLAIMED
[8] Don't undercharge or give away items
[9] Don't be a dick (AFK machines, proxy-griefing, laggy setups etc.)

How to Connect
To connect, launch the game through the Twitch launcher found at https://updates.twitchapp.net/windows/installer/TwitchSetup_[plugin-Minecraft].exe or the Legacy launcher found at http://ftb.cursecdn.com/FTB2/launcher/FTB_Launcher.exe and connect to ie.protongaming.co.uk - if that doesn't work for you, you can connect directly on s2.protongaming.co.uk:25566


... also visit our website, https://www.protongaming.co.uk - for the forum, store and more!